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MICRO-HYBRID Electronic GmbH is a leading medium-sized company providing sophisticated customized electronics solutions.

We have been developing and manufacturing innovative electronics for 25 years. Our customers benefit from unparalleled solutions for control tasks in challenging environmental conditions. Our portfolio ranges from ceramic substrates and enclosures for miniaturized electronic modules for sensor control to infrared components and sensors for temperature measurement and gas analysis.

MICRO-HYBRID is consistently reshaping the global world of electronic micro systems technology. We create high-precision components and sensors by utilizing above-average development expenses, a high level of skill and know how as well as an extensive collaborative network. As we continue with the development of technologies and materials and work on technological innovations, we create customized solutions with significant added value for our customers. Our extensive application experience in various industries allows us to utilize a unique technological range to solve your development task.

This is why technology businesses worldwide choose us to assist them in solving their measurement challenge. Micro-Hybrid is a company of Micro-Epsilon Group.

Our management

Facts and figures


manufacturing sites in Germany

Headquarter – Hermsdorf



A powerful team is awaiting
your challenge! 

> 20

years of individual micro electronic solutions

world wide

> 600,000

IR emitter and detectors

sold since 2010


qm production area

5 mill investment in innovation and growth
Majority owner of NOVA IR Mems fab, Tuscon USA
Micro-Hybrid is part of Micro-Epsilon Group

International sales 2015

Info graphic international sales of the main business fields infrred component and electronic mirco-systems


  1. Foundation of Micro-Hybrid

    Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was founded in 1992 by Werner Baumgärtel (shareholder, managing director until 2006) and the Micro-Epsilon Group.

  2. Landing of the US space probe "Pathfinder" with the participation of Micro-Hybrid developed electronic components

  3. Development and production of the first IR components: Thermopile detectors

  4. Start LTCC technology, development and production of LTCC multilayer ceramic circuits

  5. First customized NDIR CO2 sensor for harsh environments

  6. Micro-Hybrid acquires 100% shares of Micro-Sensor GmbH, expansion of the portfolio: Inertial sensors

  7. New technology: hermetically sealed IR sources

  8. 53% shares on Nova IR Mems Fab

    MEMS chips, manufactured in Tuscon, Arizona for the powerful IR emitters of Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH


  9. Completion of the investment project: Building conversion and modernization of the production areas for the highest quality requirements with an investment volume of 4.5 million €

    To the festive opening of the conversion and expansion buildings on 10.3.2016 numerous guests followed. We would like to thank all participants for...

  10. 25 years Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH. We would like to thank all customers and business partners for the good cooperation and trust in Micro-Hybrid as a solution provider for metrological challenges.

Company philosophy

Our philosophy drives us: Enter New Space. 

This means for us always to give the best to get on.  We live this idea together with our employees, business and cooperation partners. Achieving the impossible so far is the guiding principle for the development of metrological products and sensors and input for our sponsoring partners.

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Micro-Epsilon Group

Micro-Epsilon Group video

Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH was founded in 1992 by Werner Baumgärtel (shareholder, managing director until 2006) and the Micro-Epsilon Group.

The Micro-Epsilon Group is a network of medium-sized companies active in sensor technology. The strengths of this company network lie in the synergy effects of the respective development and production areas as well as in the mutual knowledge and know-how transfer. The main focus of the company group is on the field of sensor technology and dimensional measurement technology, infrared temperature measurement technology, thick-film technology and electronic manufacturing, acceleration sensors, thermopiles, color sensors, optical fiber construction, endoscopy, weighing technology and medical systems. Customers benefit in a special way from the multitude of technologies. Thus the most suitable solution can always be chosen. Specially designed for OEM applications with large quantities, cost-effective products are developed that are tailor-made to the individual customer requirements. More about Micro-Epsilon


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