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Instant fire and flame detection - safety for life and health

Safety for health and life as well as for all other values is the first demand in all industrial process meanings. Fire detection in all industrial buildings, storages etc. by IR flame detectors is an indispensable safety requirement. For secure building fire protection IR flame detectors guarantee immediate reaction in hazardous situations to prevent fire caused damages.


  • In house fire detection
  • Fast and reliable measurement even in smoky rooms and over large distances
  • Detecting different flame features like heat, gases (CO2, CO) or flicker frequency

Application fields of IR flame detection

Functioning of IR flame detectors

Illustration Funktionsweise eines Flammendetektors

Flame caused fumes, smoke, steam, heat and light radiation. The resulting gases CO and CO2 are detectable as well as the flames flicker frequency.

Micro-Hybrid Pyroelectric sensors are particularly long-time stable and available in four chip sizes and two function modes

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Type Features
PS1x3C2 High sensitivity
PS1x1C2 Large field of view for wide anlges
PS1x1C8 Large field of view for wide angles
PS1x4V1 Voltage mode
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