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Micro-Hybrid offers the complete product range for NDIR gas analysis. Even harsh environments will not discourage our customers application to Enter New Space.


  • Fast, repeatable, long-term stable determination of the concentration of various IR active gases
  • High accuracy and high resolution limits
  • Long lifetime at lowest drift referring to no chemical reactions
  • High temperature capability (190 °C)
  • High measurement stability even in harsh environments

Scheme NDIR gas analysis

We develop NDIR gas sensors customer-specific. We will be pleased to discuss with you the requirements of your measurement task.


Application fields of NDIR gas measurement

Which gases are measurable by NDIR analysis?



The measurement of gas concentrations to ensure and monitor process stability is of central importance in all industrial processes involving gases. The exact and reproducible detection of the gas concentration is an essential component of important applications, especially in medical and environmental technology. In addition, the NDIR (non dispersive infrared) gas analysis allows either the broadband or highly selective detection of hazardous substances in private or industrial areas such as the monitoring and detection of explosive gases and pollutants. It is an optical analysis tool for measuring the concentration of such gases. With respect to the optical interaction with infrared active gases, the NDIR analysis is a fast and efficient process.

Infrared spectroscopy has emerged as very precise and long-term stable method for the detection of IR-active substances in NDIR gas and fluid analysis. The measurement systems long-term stability is based on infrared components.

Based on different functional principles and our component portfolio, we combine the optimum gas sensor solution for your measurement task. You can order individual product samples from our product finder or contact our NDIR gas analysis experts directly.

Gas sensors

CO2 gas sensor CH4 gas sensor
High temperature
resistant up to 190 °C
High temperature
resistant up to 190 °C

IR sources

JSIR 350-4 JSIR 350-5 JSIR 450
High frequencies
High radiation intensity
Very high frequencies
Hand-held devices
Very high radiation intensity

Thermopile detectors

TS 80 TS 200
High temperature
High sensitivity
Hand-held devices

Pyroelektric detectors

Current mode Voltage mode
Very high sensitivity
Very high frequencies
Voltage mode
Low frequencies
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