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„The application is defined by our customers design of equipment.
Our portfolio offers products for punctual and integral measurements.“

(Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Biermann, Head of R&D Department, Micro-Hybrid Electronic GmbH)

The process and product temperature is an important physical indicator for manufacturing processes. Monitoring the temperature ensures a high quality level of the production line. Remote temperature measurement is ideal for large distances, moving parts or due to high temperatures applicable in various industrial fields.


  • Short response time
  • Reactionless measuring, no influence on measuring object
  • No destructions
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of temperature critical time
Scheme pyrometry
Temperaturmessung im industriellen Bereich bei Schmelzprozessen

Product recommendation

We offer sensor types for different measurement demands within a housing temperature range of -20 °C up to 190 °C. Our detectors are suitable for most application fields of pyrometry. 

Learn more about our thermopile detectors.

Application Product
Punctual temperature measurement TS1 × 80B-A-D0.48-1-Kr-B1
Integral temperature measurement TS1 × 200B-A-D3.55-1-Kr-A1
Temperature measurement in high ambient temperatures TS1 × 80B-A-D0.48-1-Kr-B1-190
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