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We design and produce testing systems individually tailored to our customers products and demands to evaluate function, calibration and the characterising of system parameters. So we can ensure the delivery of unexeptionable products.

Tests and evaluation

  • Pyrometers and infrared cameras
  • FTIR spectrometer with external input for IR sources
  • Calibration black body up to 1200 °C
  • Calibration systems for gas measurement
  • Measurement equipment for electrical characterization and calibration
  • Surface and 3D analysis
  • Geometrical measurement / test
  • AOI tests, optical measurements
  • He leakage test for hermetically sealed components
  • Burn-in-test

Laboratory and analytics

  • Metallographic analyses
  • Environmental tests
  • Fast temperature change – thermocycling
  • High and low temperature storage (+300 °C; -70 °C)
  • High humidity storage
  • Mechanical vibration and acceleration
  • Rapid prototyping of electronic and mechanical development samples
  • Development of customized optical and electrical test equipment
  • Strength tests (shear, pull, peel, ...)
  • Microsystem / quality / clime tests

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