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Our metrological products and components present themselves as nothing short of high-quality products with excellent technological properties. 

As well as providing our standard products in our catalog, we consider our company a „provider of solutions“. Therefore, we would be happy to assist you in creating your own specific version. Our products have the ability to improve your system! We invite you to join us in developing technologically innovative solutions in order to generate significant competitive advantages for you as our customer. Let us venture into new territory together: Enter New Space.

Infrared components

Thermopile detectors, Pyroelectric detectors &
IR sources



NDIR gas sensors

CO2 Sensor module by Micro-Hybrid

Sensor modules for CO2 and CH4 applications
OEM sensors


Inertial sensors

analog acceleration sensor

Accerelation sensors, Inclination sensors;
Dynamic stabilization, Angular rate sensors


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