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We develop sensor systems for gas analysis according to application specifics


NDIR gas sensors are used successfully in a wide range of detecting, measuring and controlling infrared active gases. The maximum storage and operating temperature of common NDIR gas sensors is limited at around +60 °C. Breaking this limit was our motivation to develop NDIR gas sensors for harsh environments.

Our sensors for NDIR gas measurement are customer-specific in every respect. Together with you, we develop an optimal solution for your individual requirements of the measurement task and measurement environment. For any other questions please contact our sales team.

Advantages of Micro-Hybrid gas sensors

  • Extended temperature range up to 190 °C
  • Vapour partial pressure up to 800 mbar
  • Solvent atmosphere resistant
  • Signal processing is mounted in lower temperature range up to 70 °C, outside of the measurement environment
  • Matching IR emitter and IR detectors individually adjustable according to requirements

Based on our hermetically packaged IR components and temperature stable electronics even very demanding measurement tasks can now be solved. An optimal system design of the gas sensor is guaranteed by the specific paramter adaption of all core components: IR emitters and detectors. Mechanic, electronic and optical elements of the gas sensor can be combined by modular principle. 

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