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Incubator IR CO2 Sensor

A sensor, specially developed for the measurement of CO2 Inhalt in incubators. 

The Incubator IR CO2 Sensor is specially designed for the use in cell incubators. In general, IR gas sensors operate at room temperatures (up to 60°C). In constrast, our gas sensors with hermetically sealed IR components are also suitable for applications in ambient temperatures up to 190°C. Therefore, the sensor can be directly installed in the incubator chamber and can withstand up to 300 sterilization cycles according to the WHO recommendation.


  • High temperature stable with heat sterilization up to 190 °C
  • Pressure and temperature compensated for high accuracy
  • Calibrated from 0-20Vol.% with an accuracy of 0,2Vol.%
  • Due to the hermitically sealed IR components stable even at partial water vapor pressures up tp 800mbar non-condensing (up to 100% humidity)
  • Full temperature and pressure compensation: integrated pressure and temperature measurement improves accuracy and stability
  • Pre-cabibrated for easy commissioning

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The sensor was specifically developed for the measurement of 5 % by volume CO2 in incubators to manage an ideal condition for cell and tissue growth. It determines the concentration of CO2 based on its IR absorption.
We can customize an adaption to different device and system requirements. In addition, measuring head, cuvettes as well as the electronics for our gas sensors in different versions are individually adaptable. Electronic interfaces for implementation in the application: RS232, RS485.

General arrangement

The remote measuring chamber can be placed directly into the gas atmosphere, which enables a direct measurement of the gas concentration without pumping systems.


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