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Over view: modifications of our components

IR emitter - individually adjusted

Many process relevant gases are detectable by NDIR gas measuring systems.

The performance of all participant IR components is essential for the preciseness of all measurement results. Therefore a powerful, broadband emitting radiation source is of central importance. Due to high membrane temperature and Planck similar radiation Micro-Hybrids IR sources are perfectly suitable for the use in NDIR gas analyses. We can adapt chip size and the reflectors' geometry individually corresponding to application demands. The range of possible adaptions extends even more by the big variety of filters and protective gases.


Micro-Hybrids IR sources are available either with cap or reflector. Compared to the cap, the reflector is characterized by a very small beam angle and collimates radiation. An up to ten times higher radiation intensity can be achieved. For perfect integration into the application we also offer to draw up customized reflectors.

Hermetic sealing

Wavelength selective bandpass filters usually get attached to cap or reflector by gluing which may not exclude eventual permeability of diverse gases or outgassing of or for other spectroscopic applications. That's why we created a unique process of filter-cap-connection: Hermeseal. The edge area of the filter is first metallized and then soldered hermetically to the cap or the reflector. The result is an IR source made for harsh environments. To influence additional parameters, inert gases can be used as backfilling.

Modifications of our IR sources
Modifications of our IR sources

Thermopile detectors

One core component of infrared measurement technology is the thermopile detector. Micro-Hybrid produces multi-channel detectors based on thermo sensors for simultaneous measuring of up to 7 different gases. This highest degree of adjustment is available by our deep value chain. To get to the optimal function of the measuring system, sub components like cap, socket, sensor chip and infrared filter can be adjusted specially to the application.

Sensor chip

A sensor chip based on the thermocouple operation principle forms the base of each thermopile detector. Besides sensor chips for one- and multi-channel in gas analyzing applications we offer special chips for remote temperature measurement in difficult measurement environments. Optional your detector can be equipped with an additional thermistor to display the housing temperature.

Infrared filter elements

Micro-Hybrid filter selection

Big variety and complexity mark the application fields of infrared measurement technology. To ensure a reliable function of your measurement system it´s essential to choose the right Infrared filter. We provide individual support and a very extensive portfolio for this sometimes tricky choice. This includes diverse infrared windows such as: CaF2 or BaF2, cut on / off as well as bandpass filter.

Find out more about the different types of our infrared filters.

Pyroelectrical detectors

Pyroelectric detectors differ in two operating modes: current mode and voltage mode. Both of them operate with external voltage supply and are suitable for diverse measurement tasks referring to their internal preamplification. With its JFET base the voltage mode detector offers best performance within 0.1-10 Hz. Time constant and sensitivity of the current mode detector are adaptable to special demands by diverse feedback resistors.

Sensor chip

Similar to thermopile detectors the sensor chip is the core component of the pyro electrical detector. Our in different sizes and membrane thickness available PZT chips cover a wide area of applications: Large surface chips in voltage mode detectors are especially suitable for the use in flame detectors. Small chips in combination with operating amplifiers usually take action in multi-channel detectors for fast gas analyzing demands.

modifications for pyroelectric detectors
modifications for pyroelectric detectors
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