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IR Emitter

Whether MEMS based or spiral wound - our IR sources are distinguished by design and high performant in functionality.Our well-established emitter series JSIR 350 achieves best performance characteristics using IR chips made in Tuscon (Arizona) by our majority owned MEMS fab Nova IR. Combined with excellent german engineering and packaging technologies we created powerful IR sources for challenging demands.

We developed a special process to hermetically seal our components. IR sources made with Micro-Hybrid´s Hermeseal method resist harsh environments like high temperatures, aggressive gases and high humidity. Therefore they are the appropriate choice for NDIR gas analyses.


  • Hermetic sealing of IR sources › Use in harsh environments, Backfilling with different gases
  • High membrane temperature › High radiation output
  • Good spectral emissivity
  • Standard industrial housings › Easy implementation into application
  • Long lifetime

Our IR sources are available either MEMS based or as spiral wound.

All products are adaptable to customers specifications. Read more about the modification options of our IR components. In our productfinder, you can select the desired detectors and emitters from the standard infrared components range and request samples.
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  • High membrane temperature up to 850 °C
  • High modulation frequency up to 100 Hz › no mechanical chopper needed
  • Long lifetime > 100,000 h
  • Broadband emissivity
  • Hermetically sealed set up › Hermeseal

JSIR 350 sources are MEMS based infrared emitters, branded with high radiation output. These emitters made of nano amorphous carbon (NAC), are a new class of nano-structured materials. By combining standard silicon materials technology with NAC coatings, Micro-Hybrid now offers a new generation of MEMS products with exceptional performance.

JSIR 450 spiral wound


  • Black body radiation
  • Long lifetime > 50,000 h
  • High membrane temperature:
  • 650 °C at 700 mW nominal power
  • 1100 °C at 1700 mW max. power
  • Industrial standard housing TO 39

Powerful radiation sources with circular homogeneous temperature distribution for the use with thermopile detectors in NDIR gas analysis and other applications. Our spiral wound emitter JSIR 450 series is available with reflector and cap (window on request). JSIR 450 spiral element consists of a special kanthal-alloy, which emits nearly black body radiation (high emissivity). The JSIR 450 series operates in DC mode.

Hermeseal technology - hermetically sealed IR sources

In cooperation with JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH our R&D engineers developed a method to hermetically seal IR sources. By soldering a metalized filter on the reflector or cap Micro-Hybrid´s infrared sources perform high efficient* and long term stable. This new technology effects IR components to be impenetrable to gases.

 The components do not show any permeation of water vapor or (environmental) gases compared to glued elements. The hermetic cap allows new applications in harsh environments - such as high temperature, high partial gas pressure and high humidity.  To increase efficiency and stability, we can backfill the emitters with different gases such as nitrogen, krypton  and others. The innovative filter and window elements can be customized in size and optical coating according to customer specifications. This innovation represents a huge potential of improvement in the field of NDIR gas analysis.


  • Increased lifetime by reduction of oxidation processes
  • Backfilling with different gases for variation of radiation output and time constant
  • High safety level for explosion proof applications
  • Ideal for battery or stand alone applications with low power supplies*
  • Long-term stable

General arrangement and function of our MEMS emitter

The MEMS chip used in our infrared emitters consists of nano amorphous carbon (NAC).The substrate is made of a Si-chip with a back etched membrane. The thin film processing is conducted by Magnetron Sputtering. The last layer of the IR-chip is a protective layer consisting of silicon nitride and protecting the active element against environmental influences.

All Micro-Hybrid emitters are available in different chip sizes as well as classical TO housing or SMD. For more information contact us!

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Performance parameters and spectra

TypJSIR 350-4JSIR 350-5
Zeitkonstante15 ms7 ms


640°C bei 650 mW nominale Leistung

850°C bei 1200 mW maximale Leistung

640°C bei 175mW nominale Leistung

850°C bei 300 mW maximale Leistung

Active area2,2 x 2,2 mm20,65 x 0,80 mm2
[Translate to Englisch:] Spektrum der JSIR350-4 IR Strahlers
[Translate to Englisch:] Spektrum der JSIR350-4 IR Strahlers
[Translate to Englisch:] Spektrum des JSIR350_5 IR Strahlers
[Translate to Englisch:] Spektrum des JSIR350_5 IR Strahlers
[Translate to Englisch:] Diagramm_Temperaturverteilung des Strahlertyps JSIR350-5
[Translate to Englisch:] Temperaturverteilung des Strahlertyps JSIR350-5
[Translate to Englisch:] Diagramm Temperaturverteilung des Strahlertyps JSIR 350-4
[Translate to Englisch:] Temperaturverteilung des Strahlertyps JSIR 350-4
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