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Pyroelectric detectors

Micro-Hybrid´s pyroelectric detectors are powerful thermal infrared detectors with excellent long term stability.

These sensors detect the typical spectral emission of burning material like wood, oil or plastics. The NDIR gas analysis represents another application field of pyroelectric sensors. Infrared radiation impinges the sensors' active area. Due to the pyroelectric effect, the so caused effective change of temperature generates charge carriers on the electrodes. Unlike most competitors´ LiTaO3 chip, Micro-Hybrid's pyroelectric detectors use sensitive elements based on MEMS technology. The pyroelectric element consists of a ~ 1 µm thick PZT thin film mounted on a modified Si-based membrane which is produced by a DRIE back-etching process. The front electrode is optically transparent allowing infrared radiation to be absorbed by the active area. This area has a broad absorption range from 1 - 25 µm.


  • MEMS based PZT membrane
  • Broad spectral sensitivity 1 – 25 µm
  • High modulation frequency 200 Hz
  • Low microphone effect referring to low membrane mass
  • Very low temperature dependence
  • Low thermal drift
  • No cooling needed

Schematic illustration


Our pyroelectric detectors are available in current and voltage mode (Pyropile ®). The current mode detector is available with a bipolar supply only (± 2.2 ... ± 8 VDC).

Mode voltage current current
Sensitive area (mm2) 1.15 x 1.15 0.8 x 0.8 0.7 x 0.325
Sensitivity (V/W) 950 175,000 125,000
Detektivity 2.09 x 10^8 2.2 x 10^8 1.7 x 10^8
Optimal frequenzy 0.2 ... 3 2 … 55 depending on configuration 3 … 25
channels 1 - 4 1 - 2 4

Modification of field of view by different sensor caps

Cap Aperture FOV Filter Position
H286 3,7mm 104,6° outside
H217 1,5mm 34,7° outside
M001 3,7mm 76,2° inside
M001 1,5mm 21,5° inside

Pyropile - Pyroelectric sensor in voltage mode

This high performance pyroelectric detector is available with up to 4 channels.

The active material is divided into nine smaller pixels, connected in series. Thereby the Pyropile ®  detector generates a nearly 10 times higher signal output at a low noise level. Referring to the low mass of chip membrane, the detector is characterized by extremely low microphone effect, low thermal drift and thermal noise. If higher sensitivity is needed for measurement tasks with comparable measurement speed, Pyropile ® represents an alternative to thermopile detectors.

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  • High signal to noise ratio › detectivity up to 2.1 x 10 8 cm x Hz 1/2 /W
  • High sensitivity up to 950 V / W
  • Output: voltage signal
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