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Thermopile detectors

The base of each thermopile detector is formed by the so-called thermocouple. Due to thermal diffusion currents of two different metals (Seebeck effect), it generates an electrical voltage.




  • Excellent performance by using best materials like BiSb / Sb for thermo electrical effect:
  • Worlds best detectivity*
  • High sensitivity up to 295 V / W
  • Exclusively available with Micro-Hybrid products

*up to 7.2 x 108 cm Hz1/2/W

Our thermoelectric sensors for different temperature ranges and measurement tasks can be found here:

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General Arragement

schematic illustration of the construction of a thermopile

These thermocouples, called thermopiles, achieve higheroutput voltage in series connection. One common com- bination of materials for industrial thermocouples are Silicon-Aluminum alloys.

To achieve a higher sensitivity we use Bismuth-Antimony alloys. However the sensitive component of Micro-Hybrid thermopile detectors is a MEMS-based thin-layer system on a silicon substrate. The thermocouples themselves consist of a Bismuth-An-timony / Antimony alloy. By means of extensive layering and structural systems, we offer sensor chips with either 80 (TS 80) or 200 (TS 200) thermocouples.

Depending on the application, both basic types are provided with va- rious spectral absorber layers. They are specially matched to their specific use.

The base module consists of a sensitive component and a thermistor which directly reflects the case temperature. It is hermetically welded with a cap assembly which consists of a narrow bandpass infrared filter and a TO cap with aperture in defined atmosphere.

Micro-Hybrid's component portfolio offers a big variety of combinations and allows to configure the perfect de-tector solution. In addition to multiple thermistors and various inert gases, there is also the opportunity to im-plement an individual customer filter element.

Thermopile detector for high temperature applications

Temperature monitoring of machinery and processes within high environmental temperatures is a real challenge. Our high temperature thermopile detectors perfectly conform special requirements like high temperatures in various industrial applications.


  • Environmental temperatures up to 190 °C
  • Soldered filter (optional)
  • High sensitivity
  • Humidity resistant
  • Appropriate for chemical processes
  • Resistant against aggressive gases like methane, sulfurdioxide, etc.

Our thermoelectric sensors for different temperature ranges and measurement tasks can be found here:

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Our Thermopile sensors can be adjusted within our extensive range of possibilities: sensor chip, infrared filter and more. In this way, optimal measuring results can always be achieved with the most varied of application conditions.

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