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Thermopile Line Array

The 64-pixel thermopile line array detects infrared radiation and converts it to an analog voltage signal. Important parameters such as high sensitivity and specific detectivity of each pixel are top values in comparison to other similar products on the market.

The excellent spectral range of sensitivity from 2 - 16 µm allows various applications. Special absorption layers can be established according to the specific requirements of the application.


  • 64 independent thermopile chips in a single line
  • Wide range window 2 – 16 µm
  • Main application: infrared spectroscopy of fluids and gases
  • Sensitivity up to 155 V / W *1
  • High precision housing to adapt optics
  • Filled with inert gas
  • NEP only 0.08 nW / Hz *1
  • Low crosstalk of the line chip given by thermal separated pixels *1
  • Detectivity typ. 1.08 x 10 9 cm x Hz 1/2 / W *2

*1 depends on inert gas / vacuum

*2 on air without windows, Blackbody T=500 K; E=38 W/m2 ; at  Tamb=25 °C; filling gas Xenon, assumed window transmission

Appropriate for:

IR Spectroscopy

Schematic illustration: construction of a thermopile chip

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