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Chip- and wire bonding processes

Micro assembly by various technologies and 
materials in our own production.


Chip bonding

  • Plasma surface treatment of semiconductors, optical and structural elements
  • Chip assembly of semiconductor chips, LED, MMIC with adhesives, sintering materials, soldering materials on rigid and flexible substrates:
  • Chip on board (CoB)
  • Chip on glas, Chip on ceramik, Chip on flex (CoX)
  • MEMS chips (IR emitter, thermopile, pyroelectric,...)
  • Optical elements (IR filter, lenses,...)
  • Gap welding
  • optional: UV curable adhesives

Wire bonding

  • Aluminium wire, gold wire
  • Wedge-wedge ultrasonic bonding
  • Bonding in cavities
  • Fine-pitch, ribbon,high frequency applications
  • Series production of small to medium volumes
  • Serial production of up to 1 million units per year
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