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SMD/THT assembly - Surface mount technology

To manufacture high complex circuits we use the latest assembling technologies and invest regularly in machinery and equipment.

Surface mounted device (SMD) assembling machines place the SMDs into the previously applied soldering paste and solder using the reflow soldering process. Thereby they get mechanically fixed and simultaneously contacted electrically.

Automated assembly

  • automated assembly of SMD and THT components

Manual assembly

  • Circuit board size up to: 450 mm x 500 mm
  • Chip (from 01005), SOIC, SOT, SOD, TSOP, MELF, CSP, QFP, BGA
  • Leadframes for SIL / DIL with pitches 1,27 mm and 2,54 mm

Components that are unsuitable for automated assembly are hand-assembled by us.

Component cleaning

  • Automated process flow
  • With or without ultrasonic
  • Solvent-based or water-based

To ensure progressive and modern manufacturing standards we constantly invest in our machinery.

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